About The Department

About the Department


Message from the Head of the Department

I would like to welcome you to the Department of Languages & Translation at Northern Border University. Learning a second or third major language brings with it many advantages, both in terms of career enhancement and in terms of personal growth. We offer B.A in English language. In addition, courses in French are available.

Dr. Sami Mohammad Alanazi
Head of Languages and Translation Department
شعار قسم اللغات والترجمة

College Programs

Program NamePathCollegesDepartmentLocationProgram DegreeNumber of HoursStudy Plan
Languages and TranslationCollege of Education and ArtsDepartment of Languages and TranslationArarBachelor Programs120

Vision and Mission


The English Language and Literature program strives to achieve academic distinction in English language, literature and translation, nationally and internationally.


The Program of English Language and Literature seeks to provide a quality learning experience and equip graduates with research skills in the field of English language to prepare them for the labor market as well as for community service.​


  • Prepare students in the fields of English language and literature for professional employment. 
  • Enhance students' abilities to develop research skills through critical and analytical thinking in the fields of linguistics, literature, and translation.
  • Qualify students to achieve a high level of competence in both oral and written communication.  
  • Encourage students to participate in projects that help them serve the local community.
  • Foster national values and instill Islamic identity.​​

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